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Stacy Brown Stacy_Brown at pitzer.edu
Mon Oct 8 02:25:15 EDT 2012


On behalf of the 2012 Conference Committee, it is my pleasure to announce that Elise Lockwood is the recipient of the Best Paper Award for the 15th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, for the paper:

Elise Lockwood
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Abstract: Combinatorial topics are prevalent in undergraduate curricula, and research indicates that students face difficulties when solving counting problems. The literature has not sufficiently addressed students' ways of thinking about combinatorial concepts at a level that enables researchers to understand how students conceptualize counting problems. In this paper, a model of students’ combinatorial thinking is presented that emphasizes relationships between formulas/expressions, counting processes, and sets of outcomes; additionally, the model is used to frame several examples of students’ reasoning about counting problems. The model serves as a conceptual analysis of students' thinking and activity related to counting, providing language to describe and explain aspects of students' counting activity. In this way, the model has practical implications, both for researchers (providing a lens through which to examine data on combinatorics education) and for teachers (providing an aid to instructional design based on student thinking).

The best paper award is an honor bestowed upon papers that make a substantial contribution to the field in terms of raising new questions or providing insights into existing research programs. The paper is selected through both an internal and external review process. The paper, along with the other conference papers, is available in the RUME XV electronic conference proceedings, which will soon be available at http://sigmaa.maa.org/rume/Site/News.html.
Congratulations to Elise!

Stacy Brown, Conference Chairperson
On behalf of the SIGMAA on RUME

Dr. Stacy Brown
RUME, Organizational Director

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