[RUME] SIGMAA on RUME Officer Elections

Michael Oehrtman oehrtman at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 11:59:35 EDT 2012

Dear SIGMAA on RUME Members,

This year we are holding elections for three of our officer positions,
Coordinator-Elect, Treasurer, and Organizational Director. We strongly
encourage nominations of members to run for these positions, including
self-nomination. Nominations may be submitted to any member of the
nominating committee: Michael Oehrtman (michael.oehrtman at unco.edu), Timothy
Boester (timothy.boester at wright.edu), and Aaron Wangberg (
awangberg at winona.edu).

The Coordinator-Elect will serve a one-year term as vice-coordinator,
assisting the Coordinator, then will become the Coordinator for a two-year
term. As Coordinator, they will preside at SIGMAA on RUME business
meetings, organize and direct the activities of the SIGMAA, and serve as
its chief spokesperson and liaison with the MAA.

The Treasurer will serve a two-year term with responsibilities to maintain
all financial records of the SIGMAA on RUME, prepare financial reports, and
authorize disbursement of organizational funds.

The Organizational Director will serve a two-year term overseeing the
organization of the annual Conference on RUME and assisting the Program
Chair in the organization of other conference and workshop activity of the

For the Nominating Committee,
Michael Oehrtman
Coordinator, Special Interest Group of the MAA on Research in Undergraduate
Mathematics Education
Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of
Northern Colorado
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