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Wayne Bishop engaged in very similar misbehavior back in the mid-1990s when we began publishing results from the QUASAR project. He tried to unearth the identity of participating schools, teachers and students, despite being informed that individuals were protected by signed IRB agreements. He did identify one QUASAR school in California and harassed the principal and teachers there on several occasions, including trying to get the school board to dismiss the principal and teaching staff. He also engaged in scurrilous attacks on the credibility of our findings and analysis, choosing to ignore almost everything we reported regarding changes over time and trends, and focusing instead on one anomalous one-time counter-directed result that was due to a change in state testing procedure. Much of what he wrote at the time could properly be classified as ad hominem attacks and attempts at character assassination. He also engaged in similar character assassination attempts on Tom Romberg, and other people and projects in the progressive wing of math education. 

I am deeply saddened to see that his bad behavior continues to this day and that Jo Boaler has been soiled in the process. Nevertheless, I recommend to all the following quotation that was passed along to me at the time when I was wrangling with Bishop: "Never wrestle with a pig. You'll just get dirty. And the pig loves it!" 

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I strongly recommend every read this: 
It is about 'persecution' of Jo Boaler's work, which focuses on math education reform and equity. It is unfortunate and sad to hear that this goes on (and at a highly respected university), but I think it is important that we are aware of this both as individuals engaging in research and as a community. 

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Below is a link to a post by Jo Boaler, who has decided to share her story. I think it's important for our community to read and to (hopefully) talk about: 



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